Friday, September 25, 2009

Vintage Paper Rosette Ornaments

It's been a very busy time around here, I will be doing a harvest festival next weekend and then a few other fairs coming up. My very best friend, Franny, has been coming to help me two days a week and what a god send that has been, (plus we get to catch-up on things)! She has been wearing her little fingers to the bone, folding and cutting and sticking and tying, the rosette ornaments.
It's giving me more time to make up the silly little dolls that I love to do, Franny I can't thank you enough!! Here are a few pics of my studio in all it's messy glory!
The Harvest Festival is in Marlboro, NY if you are out and about on October 3rd you should stop by. It is also the opening of the Walkway across the Hudson, the longest pedestrian walkway in the world and it is just down the road. You can't beat the scenery in the Hudson River Valley anywhere this time of year!