Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finished Projects!!!

It is so nice to be all ready for the holidays (as far as my house goes!) this early in the game. The decoupaged table has already been put to work as a bar area with great success, even spilled red wine cleaned up beautifully.
The little sewing table is now in my new dining room and is holding the silverware chest and extra serving pieces, oh what bliss to be so organized. (it's the little things in life, right?)
So I decorated for Halloween and I will have a party this year. We don't get very many showing up for trick or treat. Last year we had an all time high of 12, so having my friends and family in for a party is a great way to celebrate.
I also wanted to show a few pictures of a desk that I refinished. It has quite an interesting story, my brother in law found it near a dumpster at work. He liked the way it looked and brought it home but my sister couldn't find the spot for it and asked me if I wanted it. I looked at it and thought that I could break it up and paint on the top, maybe take the legs and saw them down for different projects so home with me it came. When I really looked it over to start breaking it up the next day I realized that there was not one single nail in the whole piece, it is completely dove tailed and notched together and you can see that it was hand made by a master craftsman.
It truly is my nicest piece of furniture and all I did to it was clean it up and use re-finisher on it. It is missing a drawer, the fronts of the two remaining ones are not right but I love it. Everytime I walk past it I run my hand over it and think about all the hours someone put into creating this beautiful work of art and hope that he or she knows how much I appreciate it.