Friday, January 24, 2014

Bell Jars and Curiosity Boxes and How Much I Love to Use Glass!

I have discovered that I do like to put things either under, in or behind glass. I think that doing so gives it
a sense of being curated as something special, something to stop and take your time and really look at.
In the picture above I put one of the snowmen from my collection under a bell jar as part of my Christmas decorations.

 Next it is being used as a nature arrangement along with Valentines Day decorating. This lovely little Queen of Hearts doll has been purchased.

The twig tree, pine cone, rock, feathers and one of my paper clay birdies all work together beautifully in my humble opinion. I made the fabric hearts many years ago out of old quilt squares.

A grouping of found feathers in a recycled jar.

My little curiosity boxes were looked at and admired by many people, but no one committed to owning one until I covered the recycled cigar box with glass.....

.....and that is just what the missing element was all along.

Continuing with the same idea, my small 3x3 art prints create an instant touch of finished art just about anywhere and would not be the same without the glass bevel covering it.

Lastly, this original wearable artwork done on a wee little piece of vintage ledger paper from 1895. Sandwiched between two pieces of glass it becomes a curated link between the past and present.

Thanks for spending time with me today!