Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pictures of My booth at the Country Living Fair

I am constantly tweaking my booth layout. It also needs to be very adaptable and I am trying to figure this out. This spot was a 10x10 spot that actually ended up being 10x14. Not that I am complaining about the extra room, but thankfully my lovely neighbor Julia had very nice sheer curtain/ burlap walls.

This corner is a better organized one, so I am trying to come up with a pipe and drape system that will (a)fit in my car, (b) look really nice, and (c) not cost too much money ;)

But I must say that I love, love, love my flag sign!

Monday, July 1, 2013

I Am Having Too Much Fun Building Inventory!

Last year I started playing around with collage work. I used prints of my art that just weren't good enough on their own, but added in with vintage papers and embellishments, additional painting and some quotes from very clever people unique artwork is born.

Each one of these canvases are different works of art that

although seemingly mass produced,

are thoughtfully and delightfully created.
Bits of ephemera, fabric, prints of artwork all join together with acrylic paint.
Finished off with varnish and all set to hang!