Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gingerbread Sunday

 I really should call it Gingerbread Week! I start a few days ahead
 making the four sides of the houses. We started cheating a bit a few years ago and we use graham crackers for the roof. They are lighter weight and the house will set up quicker.
 I have the dining room table covered with plastic to make clean up quicker.
 As my family comes in the candy pile gets larger and larger.....
 So many decisions to be made, which candies to place where....
 It is very serious at times.
 Everyone get involved with ideas to share and sometimes a bit of a competition starts!
It's always a super fun day of eating and creating and enjoying each others company.
p.s.      and they all leave with a sugar high!!!
p.p.s.   please note my clean chandelier!!!