Saturday, January 30, 2016

February Desktop Download

My gift to you lovely followers, is a desktop calendar for February.
Just click on the image above to download.
This is for your own personal use.

February's full moon is known as the 'Snow Moon' to many
North American Indian tribes. The snow is high in this month and
it made hunting difficult for them, so it is also known
as 'The Full Hunger Moon'. 

Along with the moon lore, this month also contains
Valentine's Day a day to celebrate with your loves.
And eat chocolate!

This year we can include Leap Year as another celebration, 
dating back four centuries or more, legend says that
any lady may propose to any man on leap day. If he choses
to decline, he owes her a silk gown and a kiss, provided that
she is wearing a red petticoat at the time! 

Enjoy your calendar and your month!

copyright 2016 digiliodesigns