Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My dining room project is really coming together. I am challenging my self with a 'make-do' attitude. I want to create a warm and welcoming home, but spend as little money as possible!
It is quite a challenge but a lot of fun to look at my belongings and try to use and reuse. This table for instance has quite a history. My uncle worked at West Point for many years and this table was put out to the curb from one of the officers houses. He brought it home to my mother because it did open up with many leaves and we could all sit around it during the holidays. It may have sat up to twenty of us! When she downsized, it came to me and I used it as a work table for a long time. We took it apart and made it into a desk for my office/studio, it fit under the window and between the file cabinet perfectly. Over the years the veneer top started to pull up and lose it's luster and had bits of paint, ink, glitter and glue all over.
Well it's latest purpose is in my old dining room area which is now a reading/conversation area. I wanted a spot to act as a bar and place to put out appetizers. I have been enamored of the old books that I have been using in my art and this old dictionary is being revived as a table covering. I just love the way it looks! It needs to have a final waterproofing coat put on, but what a conversation piece.