Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Living Room Mantle Decorating - Valentine's Day

For many years I worked as a floral designer and
home decor merchandiser. I loved any and all Holidays!
Always an excuse to decorate, even though I've cut back quite
a bit I still have to do something....

This card was one I came across while cleaning my MIL's appartment.
It was one that my Father-in -Law gave her when they were first married.
I love it! I like to think of them as a newly married couple with many many
years ahead of them. This card was from the late 40's.

This book was an estate sale find.
I'm guessing that it was from the 50's or so. Probably one
of the first DIY card selections. Inside there are cards and
envelops to cut and decorate.

I love to decorate my fireplace mantle seasonally and here is
the February mantle. January's was pretty much a blank slate,
after taking down Christmas I did like the empty open look.

Here it is head all it's quirky Valentine splendor! LOL!