Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Belated New Year!

I have had a super busy autumn and Christmas season...
Four craft fairs between Thanksgiving and this one pictured, the person next to me didn't show so I got lucky and was able to expand into that booth. We tried a new booth design that we will never use again but it was adaptable! I learned that I will only do one this year in that time frame.
Then it was Gingerbread Sunday! I was blessed with more nieces attending this year and my godson! I love this special time to spend with my family.

Decorating got done....not as much as I usually do but it was just enough to be festive. I love this hand carved and painted Santa that my son purchased for me in Moskow. And I just had to show a picture of my rosette ornament on the tree, it shows up so well against the dark green pine needles.

A Happy Belated New Year to all from Rocky and Thomas and me!

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