Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The holidays were wonderful!

It has been a crazy busy holiday season this year.
 Our trip out to see the guiness lights. The pictures are horrible but the show was fantastic! It was impossible to get all the lights at once since they were blinking in time to music.
My new ornament designs went over well and I was gratefully busy putting together last minute orders.

A lovely Christmas Eve, with a visit from Santa and a beautiful Midnight Mass at our little Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel.

A trip to NYC on Tuesday to meet the lovely Lindsay and see all the New Years Eve preparations in Times Square.
We spent the day walking and eating the best food, watching the people and ice skaters eating more and coming home tired.


We celebrated our Christmas on New Years Eve since our son and Lindsay couldn't make it home until a few days before. Rocky is enjoying his celebrations. He loves it when the family is all together. 
.....and so do I :)

The new year also brought a wedding and a new daughter-in-law!
On a lovely snowy afternoon our son Dana married the beautiful Christine!

I am so blessed......

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