Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Package

I put so much thought and effort into packaging my products.

I want everything to look professional, yet handmade.
I want it to look "gift-able" and special.
I want it to be reasonably priced so that I don't have to increase my costs.
I want it to be easy to put together so that it's not too time consuming to assemble.
I want it to protect the product from damage.
I want it to look unique.

Quite a list.

The latest product for me to assemble are my magnet sets. They have been very popular in the shops that I have them in and at fairs.  All feature my original art layered under glass and with a super strong rare earth magnet on the back.

Choosing to mount them on vintage dictionary pages helps to accent the colors of the art. And chip board backing to keep the whole thing rigid. 

Everything gets tucked into a clear bag.

Some may call this an ironing board, today it was a packaging center.

This group is being packaged for a pop-up Mother's Day Gift Shop at:

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